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I'm an aspiring actor/voice actor, and I love animation. I wish I had learned to animate when I was younger... and to draw. Art in general. Ah well. I'm looking to voice act in as much as I can here on Newgrounds! Need a voice actor? Contact me!

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I've finally joined Newgrounds!
I've been visiting this website for years, but I've only just recently joined the ranks.

I've never made an animation before (other than stop frame Lego animation when I was a kid, but that hardly counts), and I probably won't ever learn how to do it. Well, I would love to learn to animate, but I'm not sure I've the time right now. Perhaps some day.

My real reason for joining Newgrounds is so I can meet people online and offer my talents as a voice actor!
I'd love to be part of some of the projects I see online here, and I know people are often looking for others to voice their animations, games, and other projects.
I love using my voice, and hope to one day make a career out of it. Whether or not that ever actually happens, I would have so much fun being part of what I can here on Newgrounds.

Please, if you happen to come across my page and read this AND happen to be looking for a voice actor (who speaks both English AND Japanese and has a large repertoire of accents and characters) , please let me know! I'd love to try out.
I'll be uploading my first animation voice sampler audio file soon, if I can.
I wish to have more to show for now, but it's the only good quality audio file I have.

Ah well, until then... Hello Newgrounds!

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